Knife+Heart ★★★★★

Hooperstar 666 Film #21
Decade: 2010s (8/10), Queer Horror (2/3)

Vanessa Paradis plays a gay porn director in 1970s France, whose actors start getting killed. The police aren’t much help, so she seeks out answers herself. This is the absolute best kind of slasher because I would grow attached to the characters, and every kill made me sad! It’s got a lot of drama in it, but it was completely working for me. I just loved the setting and the aesthetic so much. Vanessa Paradis is incredible in the lead role. Her character is flawed, but completely heartbreaking all the way through. And I know I’m supposed to mention it’s giallo influences, and yeah, there’s influence here, but this was better than any giallo for me because 1. I could follow what was happening the entire time, and 2. I can remember who the killer was a week later. No offense to gialli! But seriously, who was the killer in any of them? I always forget even like an hour later. Oh, and another exciting thing is that it featured a particular bodysuit from The Diabolical Dr. Z, which I had just watched! Anyway, Knife+Heart is the goddamn best. So enamored by this movie, and by the performance from Paradis.

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