Sleepwalkers ★★★★½

Hoop-tober Film #23: 1990s, Stephen King

I loved everything about this. Loved the gratuitous incest, and Alice Krige’s entire hyper-sexual performance. Loved that the creatures are half cat but also deathly allergic to full cats. And especially loved the greatest buddy cop team I’ve ever seen with a human officer and a cat named Clovis. I could watch at least 6 movies of those two going on adventures, trying to catch various supernatural creatures with unpredictable, loosely defined powers. How was there never an Officer Simpson and Clovis spinoff?! But if all I have is Sleepwalkers, then I’m still pretty pleased, because this was an amazing movie.

ALSO, something very exciting for me was that the Aero Theatre is featured prominently as the movie theater Mädchen Amick’s character works at. The Aero is not actually in Indiana where the movie is set, but in an even more foreign land called the West Side of Los Angeles, and I went there to see a movie later this same evening! AND THEN, the movie I was watching there, Paul Schrader's Patty Hearst from '88, featured a clear shot of the Balboa Theatre in San Francisco, where I used to work! Just like Mädchen at the Aero, but with slightly less dance-sweeping.

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