Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½

I love it. It's not perfect.

The casino scene is an issue because it's tonally inconsistent. For the most part, I have no objections to anything that happens, or the politics of it, or the directions it takes, or it giving Finn and Rose something to do for awhile. It simply feels like a different movie. Like a kids cartoon adventure or something. It's not bad, but it does shift focus away from the many strengths of the movie. And I will admit, I hate the newsies-looking orphan kids. They look too much like typical, adorable, dirt-faced Disney orphans, and I couldn't buy into it. Really, the entire "children are the future" theme was too cheesy for me. I also hated the final shot.

The whole sequence is unnecessary, too. They initially call up Maz Kanata to be their code-breaker, but she can't do it because she's busy. What if… she wasn't busy? And then we have Maz involved in more than just a cameo. Also, are you fucking telling me BB-8 can't crack that code? I don't believe for a motherfucking second that BB-8 wouldn't be able to hack into that room. Remember when R2-D2 hacked the Death Star? That's what these droids fucking do.

Whatever, though. Honestly, my biggest disappointment in the whole movie is that marketing didn't use the tagline "May the Porgs Be With You". Loved the Porgs!!

The things that are great in this movie are really fucking great. The Rey/Kylo stuff is fucking amazing. There's a lot of brilliance throughout. Here are some other things I appreciated:

-The trademark line from every Star Wars movie, "I've got a bad feeling about this", is spoken by BB-8. I thought this was just a funny theory my girlfriend had that I had fully committed to, but it turns out Rian Johnson actually confirmed it!

-Loved the reference to UHF.

-Wtf, Laura Dern is in this movie!

-My favorite character (of like, any movie), BB-8, has a lot to do and a lot of screentime.

-The revelation about Rey's parents is exactly what I had hoped for.

-Lotta great action scenes!


Anyway, it's great! I recommend it!

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