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  • The Innocents

    The Innocents


    Massively overrated film about a woman who loses her mind to the strange noises where she works.

    Not a horror film at all, but a mental health drama.

  • The Temp

    The Temp


    An ending so befuddled and maddening, it ruins an otherwise only slightly subpar stalker flick.

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  • Diary of the Dead

    Diary of the Dead


    Nice cheesecake, easy on the eyes, in Shawn Roberts plus a much younger Tatiana Maslany makes this a barely bearable watch.

  • Infini



    When someone makes a romance, do critics talk about how it has pieces of, say, The Philadelphia Story, that it looks like a Bonfire of the Vanities, that is has the intrigue of an Eyes Wide Shut? Or do they talk about the film in front of them and critique it for what it itself did?
    When someone makes a period drama, do they criticize it for looking too much like a different period piece made 40 years earlier? Do…