Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★½

i actually liked this????????????? i feel like i let twitter influence way too much my opinions regarding this film and i really should work on that lmao

i relate way too much with the bisexual trilingual disaster that is elio, it’s tragic i know

and getting more serious here: while the age gap is still very much an uglé thing, the film (in my opinion) doesn’t go out of its way to glamorize the romance between elio and oliver, they show how imperfect it is and the deep impact it had on both of them (especially elio because it was his first love i guess) and it showed that those you think so highly of can and will, often times, disappoint you and break your heart

if my friends/mutuals see this i feel like i could get mauled but honestly i don’t care because even though i wish the predatory aspect of the relationship wasn’t present, it’s also not completely erased. like, elio has so many emotional reactions to what he and oliver have/had it’s absolutely heartbreaking to see, and you feel so much for him

but honestly if you don’t want to see this because of whatever reason, you’re 100% valid and i understand. i thought i wasn’t gonna see this, but the awards circuit really makes you reconsider things looollll

side note: michael stuhlbarg did that!

side side note: timtams chevrolet really acted his goddamn skinny ass off here, goddamn!

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