Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★½

this might be the best film snyder has made since at least watchmen and yet it has too many of the trademarks of his recent previous superhero movies that I’ve grown to dislike from the guy, specifically painfully dull character interactions and a self-seriousness that just doesn’t lend itself to a film who’s opening film credits opened with a liberace lookalike.

stranger still: army could sometimes like rather beautiful and other times look about as flat as a fx tv show pilot circa 2011 (and i liked all those early fx shows!)

it’s a rather simple premise and if it had more fun with the heist itself it might’ve been an absolute winner for me, but some egregious pivots involving purnell’s character as the daughter of our hero trying to reach a group of women with whom she just ‘feels’ are alive is just... wow. really beyond stupid and entirely unnecessary in a film that’s already insanely fucking long.

what i did enjoy was the depiction of the undead. feeling less like a zombie film sometimes and more like a throwback to those bizarre apocalyptic 80’s mutants/gangs on motorcycle films like 1990: The Bronx Warriors or Warriors or the Apocalypse, I actually got a kick out of the fact that the army of the dead not only an actual fucking battalion ready to fight for their leader but that they also did so with some killer parkour moves. see! this film should have just played up the camp factor more. props to some of the imagery inside their zombie hord lair inside one of the abandoned hotels which felt almost painterly and definitely reminded me why snyder sometimes just needs to take a step back from the green screen and compose a shot on a real set. kudos.

damn, i liked some stuff in this disjointed mess of a movie.

also - there was a perfect, albeit heavy handed, last shot.

then it kept going with another rather stupid and uninteresting next few moments. maybe he landed in atlantic city and we’ll get another crack at this.

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