The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★

this is awesome.

taking a cue from (what i assume) was thousands of hours listening to jethro tull and led zeppelin, lowery once again proves to all of us why he’s one of the more exciting american filmmakers (granted this is an 14th century english tale) working.

there’s a moment in this film involving mushrooms that turns the film into a live action rené laloux film and i just marveled in the audacity of it all. there’s also that wonderful ‘stalker’-vibe if you’re a fan of my late ‘grandfather’s’ work. 

while i’m sure this film is too idiosyncratic for most people that will casually encounter it, this should seriously be considered for some end of the year awards - particularly costume design, makeup and score. 

also: patel’s journey into the heart of darkness as a narcissistic wimp only to come out as ___(i’ll let you see for yourself)___ truly gives us one of the best performances and fantastic final 15 min of any film so far this year.

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