The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

has anyone located the area where alejandro jodorowsky’s parents dropped him on his head yet?

just curious, i kinda wanna do a swan dive in the same spot.

the holy mountain is like watching jodorowsky’s own version of a 2 hour ashtanga yoga session while he meditates on theology, sex, modern capitalism, sex, a beauty obsessed society, sex, mysticism & our place in the stars, sex, the police state, sex, at consumption, sex, the war industrial complex and most importantly: what it’s like to fuck a giant mechanical robot and produce offspring with it. oh, and sex.

it’s a lucid and hallucinating piece of agitprop that only the director of the one true dune could’ve made.

the oscars should issue an apology for not handing over their awards for production design, costumes, cinematography and best performance by a chimpanzee to the holy mountain in 1974. it’s like watching wes anderson on a face melting lsd trip. go make your sci-fi movie, mr. bottlerocket.

imagine getting hired to be a day player on set for this movie…

also: props for the massive amounts of male nudity here to almost balance out their female counterparts.

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