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I sure like to watch da movies. I also like to show them to others. On occasion I try and make some myself.

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  • 47 Hours to Live

    47 Hours to Live


    Kind of makes me nostalgic for early 2000’s J-horror remakes, so much mobile phone horror. This one has a fun premise but it played out in a fairly obvious way. They keep their character count pretty limited so it’s hard to have a lot of fun with curse haunting people, it’s pretty much just the same two girls passing it back and forth, which isn’t necessarily a problem but I wish the stakes were raised the longer it went on.…

  • History of the Occult

    History of the Occult


    Where every other Lovecraftian horror I've ever seen fails, this one succeeded. It's not just about showing some giant elder god coming out of the ocean, it's that tricky mind game of getting your audience to invest in a mystery and as it unfolds into the outlandish, getting them to continue along with it and until they doubt the very fabric of reality itself. That's such a hard thing to do and it only works if the world and characters…

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  • Occupation



    Oh man.

    I was watching a female director's round table on youtube and a common occurrence seemed to be studio heads passing on female directors because "they tried that once before and it didn't work." What an infuriating and illogical statement, but that's largely how the thinking seems to be when it comes to movie making. Something I'm passionate about is the need for Australian films to push more into genre and entertainment instead of churning out more introspective character…

  • Katherine’s Lullaby

    Katherine’s Lullaby


    Had no idea where this one was going at the beginning, but it ended up being a pretty fun single location two hander, once the amazingly brief set up was done. It takes a bit of suspension of disbelief to accept that our protagonist can't escape at any moment but if you can get past that the turns at the end are quite fun.