The Batman

The Batman ★★

There I was at the midnight release excited to see a new film in a franchise I don't feel has ever completely missed. Then it missed. As I write this I'm very alone in this opinion, I haven't seen a single negative thing about it but I came out feeling overwhelmingly negative.

I found this one bizarre, occasionally I really like the detective style narrative that few Batman films have actually taken to this degree but at points the film gets awfully generic with it. I hate the carpet bit (I won't elaborate any further because of spoilers but it really really sucks).

I think The Riddler is sent too far to the back for the majority of the film, he doesn't really feel like anything until the latter half. It's odd because he does have a lot in the first half but I think it's just dominated by other things and it doesn't hit the balance particularly well.

Also what the fuck was that car chase. You have the budget you can get coverage of things other than just inside the vehicle. I don't think this film generally ever gave a sense of scale, I just think back to the gorgeous set exploration of the Burton films, I really miss that.

These are just a couple of things I've admittedly explained pretty poorly. I will watch this again before it leaves cinemas just so I can better gather my thoughts on it but for now, I'm just disappointed man.

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