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  • Contempt



    Beautiful marital drama in three languages, framed with a meta-film, shot in cinemascope -- color timed in its costume and production design to perfection. For film, history, politic geeks, a cornucopia.

    "Il cinema e un invenzione senza avvenire," Louis Lumière

    “Through his monocle,” says Godard’s screenplay, “Lang gazes at the world with a lucid eye.”

    A condemnation of the commodification of women in the name of art and commerce, film and art abused by its capital means, the advent of…

  • Alphaville



    Dang. Really liked it, more than I expected to - and although it may seem like a reach (yes? no? can't tell anymore cuz the bias iz heavy) Pynchon's (42yrs later?) send up of noir ends on a note not dissimilar to Alphaville. They're both totally atemporal Noir. Godard cites Cocteau's 1950 film Orpheus as a large influence on this film's aphoristic questions.

    'Something which never changes, day or night. The past represents its future. It advances in a straight…

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  • Ad Astra

    Ad Astra


    Great production design and cinematography for a very tired-not-wired script.

    'it felt like I watched a Wikipedia plot summary' - one of my roomies

  • The Adjuster

    The Adjuster


    Canadian Suburban Malaise - heavy hints of Lynch and Cronenberg influence, and even some of Cronenberg's actors.

    This is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife!

    I watched this at midnight - please, if this movie ends up in your life, watch it as close to your dream state as possible.