A Wrinkle in Time

‘A wrinkle in time’ or as I would like to call it ‘Let’s see what we can do with CGI’, is trying to adapt Madeleine L’Engle’s beloved children’s classic of the same name into a fantasy movie. Although her work defies visual representation, how would you show a fifth dimension time wrinkle or a tesseract, with advanced CGI technology and a big budget if anybody can do it, it would be Disney. Alas, the hope is in vain, with so much going on and so little emotional connection established, it looks nothing more than an intergalactic fashion show.
This story is about a normal, very mediocre, clumsy and self-loathing girl, Meg whom in the book you might had found relatable but in movie lacks a certain depth and a prodigal younger brother, Charles Wallace who acts and sounds unlike any four year olds, are living their life, their father has been missing for four year. Their parents are incredibly intelligent scientists who have been experimenting with fifth dimension and time travel. One day a stranger arrive at their house, Mrs. Whatsit and it leads to a bizarre journey of finding and retrieving their father. There is colour talking flowers, cabbage leaf creature and planets with changing scenery to mesmerize us with vivid imagery, if we keep our expectations checked we might enjoy this movie. What misses its mark is the general tone of the movie – whether it’s coming of age, female heroine, self-love, love of family or traditional good vs evil the eggs are never in one basket as a result the message conveyed is watered down. These concept new to Madeleine L’Engle’s in 1960’s have become somewhat blasé. A disappointing adaptation.

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