Love, Simon ★★★

Love Simon is cute cotton candy rom-com with a story to tell. It’s sweet but also substantial. It’s a heartwarming naive teenage movie like all teenage movie should be. With loving, supportive family, comfortable, complete each-other’s sentences friends, Simon seems to have it all except he is gay and still in closet. Blue - his email pal with whom he is increasingly becoming more and more flirtatious, provided with a refreshing mystery within this coming of age story, if only he knew his identity. Things become more complicated when Martin, the class clown starts blackmailing him to play his wingman or his sexual identity would be out.
We see Simon trying to hold everything together and make mistakes in process, this makes him a flawed but likable protagonist. Even Martin our villain has grey areas of likability instead of monotonous bad or black. Every other character is warm in a self-aware way, their interactions crisp and well written. We can see the centrifugal pull Simon feels to keep everything as is, in face of his impending coming out, although being a lighthearted movie there is no melodrama involved, such a situation would generally invite a messier storytelling, everything still feel real and well handled.
But the biggest distinction that makes this movie monumental is inclusivity. The coy looking at each other and smiling here belongs to two guys. Instead of being transgressive the movie is ordinary, “I am just like you” Simon says as the film opens. Watch this movie to feel your heart turn to marshmallow, we do after all love Simon.

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