The Midnight Meat Train ★½

It was all right till a point, and then it was not. The movie started with a struggling photographer trying to land a big break by shooting the city he loves at night time. He saves a women from some thugs in a subway station, the women disappears anyway, just not her day. Obsessed with finding out what happened he starts following a guy, who is indeed the culprit, that’s some sherlockian detective skills. This slasher movie is a gore fest with blood flowing as freely as beer on spring break. The imaginative plotline stretches too thin in the end with events happening on the kill train in a haphazard narrative and explanation provided proves insufficient, atleast they tried to explain the reason behind the mindless butchering.
Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura shows unrestrained attitude towards gore and captures scenes on the above mentioned train rather nicely, some of it a little video gamy but we will let it fly. The movie isn’t scary per se, but has enough perverse imagery think a fight scene between swinging dead bodies or storing own severed flesh in jars of a medicine cabinet, to make you cringe. Had the movie ended at a different place this movie might have had more entertainment value.

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