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  • CKY Documentary

    CKY Documentary


    My relationship to this sorta thing is rather loaded. I never did watch any of this stuff at it's height. But I remember seeing all this kinda shit at Zumiez and would kinda marvel at the energy that the actual DVD radiated. And as an adult, it's clear that there are icky qualities to this, but is it ever real af. There aren't a lot of things that make me reminisce about my middle school years... but the raw feral…

  • Gorgon Video Magazine

    Gorgon Video Magazine

    It's like they didn't even tell Michael Berryman what to say... 'when I first saw a Bucket a Blood... I wanted...... To drink... SOME BLOOD'

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  • In the Shadow of the Blue Rascal

    In the Shadow of the Blue Rascal


    It's a type of film that I have subconsciously always wanted to see, but didn't know it until I had finally watched it. It exudes the incomparable pathos of 60's Avant Garde, a la Kenneth Anger, Derek Jarman and Jack Smith (which is a movement Clementi has every right to belong to but is sadly often left unmentioned imho). The main difference is that instead of dealing with neo-pagan free-thinkers, it's dealing with the 80's underground club-junkies and it is…

  • Dracula 3000

    Dracula 3000


    Think of all the wildest performances for every character cliche... the confident handsome hero, the hot chick with a major 'tude, the big guy that gets angry, the nervous smart guy, the absolute manic Ace Ventura with a darkside amped up on Surge (you know the one, right?)... Scan the entirety of cinematic history and think of the most extreme performances for each of these characters... This movie wins them all. I don't think I'll ever see anything like Coolio's performance again... I don't think I'll ever see an ending like that again... How did Dracula get on a spaceship while wearing old European clothing?