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  • Looney Tunes: Back in Action

    Looney Tunes: Back in Action


    Complete Jubilant excess.

    It's like it tries to start out with some normalcy, pulling the whole 'the cartoon characters are just actors in normal world we live in' thing, but in almost no time at all, the live-action world spirals into utter cartoon chaos, and does so in pretty much all facets of the movie. It starts with this plot that WB executives need to get Daffy Duck back to work for them so they can make money, but the…

  • King Kong Lives

    King Kong Lives


    It's almost like a live-action cartoon... or Monty Python going action/adventure. Like comically giant surgical tools doing open heart surgery on Kong Kong, a pack of drunk rednecks using dynamite to bury King Kong up to his neck in boulders (and acting like cartoon characters themselves). But I think the biggest contribution is how King Kong emotes so much. It is always hilarious. One approach to King Kong, is to make him an unreadable, instinctual beast of nature, to where…

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  • In the Shadow of the Blue Rascal

    In the Shadow of the Blue Rascal


    It's a type of film that I have subconsciously always wanted to see, but didn't know it until I had finally watched it. It exudes the incomparable pathos of 60's Avant Garde, a la Kenneth Anger, Derek Jarman and Jack Smith (which is a movement Clementi has every right to belong to but is sadly often left unmentioned imho). The main difference is that instead of dealing with neo-pagan free-thinkers, it's dealing with the 80's underground club-junkies and it is…

  • The Mighty Peking Man

    The Mighty Peking Man


    The term 'so bad it's good' gets thrown around a lot in places I don't really think they should be, but this is one movie I can't imagine a better term. The ideas and writing all look like they came from a night of heavy drinking at the production studio.

    Movies like this tread a really delicate balance, because it can make a movie excruciating but if the stars are aligned just right, it morphs into something uncommonly lovable, and that's what happened with The Mighty Peking Man.