Favorite films

  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Moonlight
  • Wonder Woman
  • Spirited Away

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  • No Hard Feelings


  • A Haunting in Venice


  • Bottoms


  • Kill Boksoon


Recent reviews

  • Spice World

    Spice World


    quando eu digo “esse filme sou eu”, eu nunca quis dizer tanto quanto das vezes que eu assisto esse filme!!!

  • The Medium

    The Medium


    livre-se de todo karma familiar ou de sangue.

Popular reviews

  • The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


    I can only see north americans not liking this, saying something is "controversial" but not giving two fucks about what goes down in Latin America, or it's people.

    Sons of imperialism, please fuck yourselves.

  • Tokyo Idols

    Tokyo Idols


    I am disgusted.

    This documentary really exposes - not to me, because I really knew most of those things - Japanese's so called "idol culture" and takes it to the next level, where it affects human social interactions.

    The film starts by showing us this japanese female artist named Rio, who's struggling to get the recognition she wants from the industry and renamed producers, labels and musical stuff. We follow along her struggle, we get to know her family and…