2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

If I watched this 2 years ago I'd be sleeping through it. Watching it today, in this specific date, made me think in a lot of existencial question I've been asking myself through this week (notice that we're only 2 days in). I never cared about this film neither wanted to watch. A friend of mine asked me, last friday during a conversation about sci-fi films, if I had ever watched this, and I naturally answered no. She instantly told me to watch it, and explained to me this was the reason why the U.S. Government asked Kubrick to shoot the "first man to ever land in the moon" during the famous Space Race - well, I do believe in this theory so I had to watch it. Besides that, in her own words, "2001: A Space Odyssey" was a lesson about sci-fi films.

As I started to watch it, my thoughts were all over the film's plot, and what was the black thing with the monkeys, I caught myself thinking "this couldn't possibly be made in 1968". It was magnificent, brilliant and everything in between, nothing less, nothing more. The structure of their ships, the camerawork during the space scenes, the cinematography stunningly beautiful, the fight between man and machine and the score - which wasn't very complementary to the film but it also fit like a glove, weird right? "2001: A Space Odyssey" was everything that a friend promised me it was, well directed and weird, but a very well told story which let's your mind fly free through all the thinks this could mean and the things it couldn't. And what I like the most about films that let you be free, it's your mind having to process all the information and mixing with your creativity to actually read something out of it.

To me, this draws the line in humanity's evolution process, with the very first step in technology with a interesting move, to me, spoilers ahead : Putting chimps discovering how to use nature to their own satisfaction, therefore not putting neanderthals making fire for the first time. And it was interesting to me because of two things: they used it as a tool for their own benefit and also as kind of a weapon. This film also has the first A.I. system in a film - and this was made in 1968 - making you think that they predicted a lot of things. I wished I was living in this decade just so I could go to the cinema and watch this motion picture, I'd probably be wondering of everything that would happen in 2001, but then I'd also be frustrated with everything that didn't happen in this year. And not just for this wish of being frustrated in the 00s, but also for all the magnificence put into this work. I'd surely love that.

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