Manchester by the Sea ★★★★½

With no big scenes, shockingly revelations and with everything being introduced in such a casual way, Manchester by the Sea won my heart, and it won because it's the drama that I never asked for but really needed.

I confess, at first the name Manchester by the Sea didn't really caught my attention. From this film, I was expecting your typical slow paced oscar drama, with big scenes and a lot of crying. But this surprised me a lot. The journey that Lee, Casey Affleck's character, made throughout the film comes from a deeper place, and when you stop to realize, you're already so connected with his grief and pain, you just feel for him. And his performance of a broken man who can't be really repaired talked to me in an intimate way.

A journey. Manchester by the Sea is an emotional journey to find out how we deal with our emotions, and I can't tell about everyone else, but I saw myself in Lee Chandler's place many times. I do keep some of my pain locked inside me, that's why I could relate to him, we all do this sometimes, not everyone knows how to deal with loss . Casey Affleck's character was on point, melancholic, traumatized and ashamed of himself, and it's interesting to see his journey on how to externalize those feelings - or never do such thing - because we learn from it.

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