Tanna ★★★★½

This is definitely the best adaptation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliette, how come nobody is talking about it?

"Tanna" is surely a strong competitor on the Best Foreign Language Film category on the Oscars, it might even win. This one tells a true story, a strong and solid story, one that is so strong that will take our hears on a lovers' journey. They seek a place where their love is accepted, a place where they can believe that what they feel goes beyond their law, and it's cliche, we know, but it's so natural that makes you forget about all of these things. It's clearly above all of those "forbidden love" type of films, it's new, it feels like a fresh story, and makes us submerge in the story. And it's even better if you keep in mind that actors of their own ethnicity participated in the whole cast and brought us this masterpiece.

The cinematography in this is so beautiful, it's big, it's magnificent, it's raw, and yet so entertaining. I swear that some of the shots are just as breathtaking as the ones you can see in Hollywood. The volcano shots, they came in to me like poetry, I felt like it was speaking to me, telling them what to do, connecting to them, and this is beautiful, to find this connection and to capture this on screen, making them feel comprehended and respected.

If you never heard of "Tanna" before the Oscar, you pretty sure will hear a lot about it after it, even if it doesn't win, it deserves all awards. And I hope that everyone can share a piece of the feeling I had while watching this.

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