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  • The Double Life of Veronique

    The Double Life of Veronique


    This is my first Kieślowski film and I’m already completely in love with his creative vision/genius.

    There were so many moments that I really felt like I was watching a Polish version of a Wong Kar Wai film; such great direction and unique framing of scenes, so many beautiful and interesting moments that are normally overlooked, such an amazing and dreamy colour palette, and not to mention the intriguing, dreamy and semi-trippy storyline.

    The score was also really powerful and…

  • War for the Planet of the Apes

    War for the Planet of the Apes


    Just like the collective cry “HO-HAW!! HO-HAW!!” Caesar and his apes make when sending out a warning call or for a celebratory moment…as the end credits rolled up the screen last night I couldn’t help but mimic that cry in my head, ​instead ​using the word ”WHOA!! WHOA!! WHOA!! WHOA!!”

    What an awesome film!! I was in awe, in so many ways, from the very opening shot to the very last.

    Not only was the story and pacing of this…

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  • Enemy



    The only ENEMY is the Academy!
    Give Gyllenhaal an award already!!

  • Videodrome



    Either I watched what I just watched or that muffin I had 3hrs ago wasn't just blueberry

    Either way, both film and the muffin were awesome!