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  • Brazil



    Wish I loved Gilliam’s other stuff this much, but this is still an all-timer. Criterion remaster is unreal.

  • The Village

    The Village


    Tone management is everything here. The performances all have an odd stilted quality that really fits the film’s overall implacable mood: less a thriller and more a dreamy, forlorn tragedy. The Shyamalan twist is... quite a lot to swallow, but it gels emotionally; a fitting conclusion for a town whose existence feels like a mirage from the outset.

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  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


    There is literally a scene in this where a raptor smirks at the camera before eating someone. Aggressively stupid and hollow.

  • Life Itself

    Life Itself

    “Life is the ultimate unreliable narrator.”

    First act is a hoot; not since The Book of Henry have foolhardy confidence, pseudo-profound platitudes, and nonsensical narrative twists intersected so immaculately. Then, it keeps on going for another hour-and-a-half in a stunningly boring “we’re all connected” story that feels like Iñárritu directed a Hallmark movie.