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This review may contain spoilers.

Okay, for a movie that has taken 13 years to make, there are admittedly some inexcusable flaws here including some of the most boneheaded dialogue yet in a Cameron film (a character unironically says "We're not in Kansas anymore" about Pandora at one point), a particularly obnoxious and miscast teen character who makes Edward Furlong look like Daniel Day-Lewis, and a meandering second act that mostly exists to show you how amazing the underwater effects look.

But those underwater effects... man, this has to be among the most visually stunning theatrical experiences I've ever had, and I really don't recall being this in awe after seeing the first "Avatar" more than 13 years ago. The last hour of this movie is just one insane action scene after another, and it's a somber reminder how incompetent 95 percent of the large-scale action we get in theaters is these days.

I've heard some complaints about the high-frame rate, and I'm thankful that only a few moments really pulled me out of the movie because if you're not fully immersed in the world Cameron creates here, you're going to be in for a rough 190 minutes. I don't know, this was pretty much exactly what I wanted from an "Avatar" sequel. You don't get spectacle like this very often, folks!

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