Overnight ★★★★

Or: Portrait of the Scumbag as a Young Man

If (like me) you have any warm, nostalgia-tinged recollections of watching The Boondocks Saints as a naive and wide-eyed 8th grader with your buddies, amidst Mountain Dew-fueled rounds of Vice City: for the love of God, let those memories remain untainted. Said movie is nigh unwatchable as an adult (and, if anything, I'm only more immature now), but man am I glad I took the time to seek out this documentary on its notoriously narcissistic and clueless writer/director Troy Duffy.

The editing can be clunky and the film often comes across like a highlight reel of Duffy's Trump-like, manbaby tantrums; however, it is never less than riveting thanks to the endlessly engrossing figure at its center and the sheer depth of access the filmmakers had to him. As far as objectivity goes, I can't imagine the final product contains any, due to the fact that the directors were close friends with Duffy and clearly ended up getting burned by his reckless pride. Yet as a narrative depicting the toxic damage that sudden fame can wreak on the arrogant, Overnight plays like gangbusters.