Soul ★★★★

Once again, Pete Docter resurges my flailing interest in Pixar by making one of the most ambitious, bizarre, and downright existentially horrifying (besides all the Forky stuff) animated movies of this century — even if those admirable intentions don’t allow for that thrilling pacing we’re used to from the studio. This is definitely Docter’s messiest flick, but it’s also maybe his most beautiful. This is a film in which the main character is directly faced with whether or not he finds his life worth continuing... and it doesn’t take the easy way out! It’s emotionally draining stuff, and I have no idea how kids are going to respond to something this ponderous and deliberately lugubrious. By the end, you may not be wiping tears off your face, but that’s likely because the movie’s already taken a pneumatic drill to your soul by that point.

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