A Flickering Truth ★½

catching glimpses of old afghan films, of young afghan actresses way back before the 1950’s looking like gorgeous princesses, their hair down and their dresses flowing...it made my chest hurt knowing that we’re so far from that reality now. but at the same time, knowing the archives in kabul exist gives me hope - and it’s beautiful but terrifying how those who work there risk their lives to carry the films from town to town, to different schools, just to bring them to life again for regular afghan people.

with that said, the documentary itself didn’t do too much for me - it was good because i got a slice of what goes on at the archives - but it wasn’t extraordinary. this always happens when the filmmaker who inserts themselves into our country is white/not afghan. there was a disconnect, and i wonder how this film would’ve turned out if an afghan filmmaker documented it. would it have gotten just as much traction? maybe i’m bitter - white filmmakers always insert themselves into our narratives, into our country.

watching this documentary with my mom helped, though. she pointed out history that i never learned about afghanistan, because she lived through it. it was heartbreaking to see her get emotional, to see her miss the past when afghanistan was free.

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