Exterminate all rational thought.
That is the conclusion I have come to.

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  • Naked Lunch
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Apocalypse Now
  • Blade Runner

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  • Lifeboat


  • Rocky


  • Withnail & I


  • The Room


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  • Lifeboat



    At the time of its release by all accounts, Hitchcock's adaptation of John Steinbeck's story caused a bit of a stir. Some viewers and critics were apparently angered that the most capable character in the film is the jettisoned Nazi U-boat captain, feeling that his portrayal was too sympathetic. I can only think they walked out half-way through in that case; there isn't much doubt which way the wind is blowing by the end. To the modern eye, especially taking…

  • Rocky




    A long overdue revisit - took the opportunity to catch The Italian Stallion at the BFI with my good buddy yarb, who's over here on holiday. My view hasn't really changed in the intervening years: still enjoy it, but I've never considered it a great film. There's not enough boxing action for one - just the climactic bout with Creed. Then again, it's not a boxing film, it's a film about one man's triumph over adversity, so it's hard…

Popular reviews

  • Possum



    Darkly oblique, low key character study of a damaged mind. Philip is a puppeteer by profession, who is forced to return to his childhood home following his disgrace at his last paying gig. He terrified the kids with his puppet, a macabre arachnid creation with a blank head resembling his own. This is Possum, an alter ego which has haunted him since entering his life in childhood, preventing him from becoming a functioning adult.

    Scored by a brooding collection of…

  • The Sadness

    The Sadness


    Bloody, brutal, tasteless... fucking loved it obviously. THAT's what I call a pandemic film. THAT'S the way you close out a festival. Shades of Cat III gnarliness in all the glorious practical effects, lunatic grins and dismembered body parts. For anyone who thought Busan was good but too sentimental, this is your jam. First time director Rob Jabbaz, you hit it out the park my man. A proper horror film for proper horror fans.

    And that brings FrightFest 2021 to…