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  • May The Devil Take You

    May The Devil Take You


    An unmitigated torrent of shite whose dual purpose is to set new records for longest uninterrupted sequence of horror clichés and most screaming in a single movie. It succeeds on both counts.

  • Suspiria



    The philistines have remade Suspiria, how could they?

    Fortunately, they haven't remade it so much as blown it a kiss with a bravura dark fantasy that echoes the story beats of the original but is very much its own beast. Luca Guadagnino sagely resists the temptation to eclipse Argento's masterpiece stylistically, bringing a sombre palette of earth tones and a more downbeat tone to the party. It's really effective when it sticks to its MO; rich in atmosphere, and grandiose…

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  • Mandy



    First film of London Film Festival last night and I'd like to say it opened with a bang, but it was more of a been-there-seen-that kinda feel. I found Panos Cosmatos's sophomore feature more enjoyable than his debut, but he still doesn't seem to have escaped from the shadow of his obvious influences, this one lifting from Hellraiser (the black skull bikers are basically oily Cenobites) and Evil Dead II to name a couple.

    You'd think having Nic Cage in…

  • The Whip and the Body

    The Whip and the Body


    I still haven't seen that many Bava films but I'm beginning to realize that when it comes to lighting, the guy had few equals. Kill, Baby, Kill was a Technicolor beaut, but I think this one might actually out-kaleidoscope it! Bava's camera snakes through a Gothic dreamscape of reds, cyans, purples and greens - inky shadows and high contrast accents forming an intricate web of light, with pools of colour enmeshed by darkness. You could literally pause it at any…