Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy ★★★★

Possibly the strongest opener to FrightFest since The Guest. Darkly funny, bizarro, eye-wateringly vicious (never seen scissors and plastic wrap put to such brutal use!) and impossible to second guess. It's got a mean streak as wide as a Chelsea Smile, flirting briefly with supernatural and psychodrama moves, before settling into its own psychotic groove. As you might expect, given the title, Oedipus looms large, and it's no surprise that Aphex features on the soundtrack. Not the obvious choice though, 8MM already did that; instead it's an unexpectedly poignant moment that bridges a tonal shift nicely.

Fair warning to anyone who cares, I'm gonna be lagging way behind with these FrightFest write-ups and I'll probably be quite laconic. Time is always the enemy at FF + given it's 2am now and the next film is only 8 hours away, give or take, I should probably be prioritizing sleep over the urge to spill the beans. Don't worry though, I'm taking notes :-)

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