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  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    Compared to the next two movies that round out his informal LA trilogy that as of right now stands as Lynch’s final feature films, it feels as weightless as anything he has done with a threadier pulse but I’ll also say it’s probably the most flat out enjoyable to follow its twists and turns and it feels like something you can just throw on if you want a fix of Lynch. A little too much Marilyn Mozzarella for my taste…

  • Coffy



    Haven’t seen this one since high school. Way more stripped down story and budget-wise but just as undeniably fun than I remembered. This has an awesome Roy Ayers soundtrack (I’m still humming that theme song right now) and Pam Grier deserves her place in movie history based on the existence of this movie alone, carrying the movie with authentic personality, confidence and attitude. Sid Haig is great too, forgot he was in this. 


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  • Lenny Cooke

    Lenny Cooke


    The first portion of this movie plays like a very good, if unspectacular, installment of the 30 for 30 series. The footage is presented really well and the subject matter itself is compelling. Also, it's great to see early footage of players like Lebron, Melo, Wade et al performing at the same level as Cooke. Big Hoop Dreams vibes.

    The final third or so of the film--the footage that the Safdies filmed themselves--is pretty incredible. It's like this really sad,…

  • Good Vibes at the Iowa State Fair

    Good Vibes at the Iowa State Fair


    Virgil pensively hitting his juul as Epstein’s suicide is discussed. Andrew Yang eating a turkey leg. Tulsi being asked about American imperialism. A pig named Border Wall. Nothing but good vibes at the state fair baby

    An ominously scored, grotesque slice of sweaty heartland Americana capturing the absurdity of having this kind of horseshit political theater in the middle of a mess of pyramid schemes, nauseating food, and dead industry. About as astute, angry, and funny as anything on the…