Tenet ★★

It sucks!

They took the "ok here's the plan" scene from every other movie and made it the entire movie! Exposition all the way down. Nolan doesn't spend even a moment telling me who these characters are and why I should give a shit what happens to them or their world.

This isn't a criticism exclusive to this film, but God I wish we could return to the days when movies didn't try to over-explain their mechanics using physics/philosophy jargon. Just say that you can reverse time! You don't need to say shit like "its entropy runs backwards because nuclear fission triggered inverse radiation" -- most people don't know what that means, and those that do know that it doesn't mean anything! It doesn't serve anybody to make things incomprehesibly complex AND meaningless.

If you want to make enjoyable, rewarding science fiction, then you need to make the pieces add up to something. It's fine to make a puzzle if solving it feels insightful. This is how e.g. Alex Garland writes fiction, and it works wonderfully. If you can't do that, throw out all the useless complexity and just make Groundhog Day! That's also great! I don't want a third-act name-drop of the grandfather paradox, I want to know why some dude wants to kick the shit out of his young grandpa! Make THAT movie!

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