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  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War

    "Hey Russos, can you show me an example of continuity editing and cinematography?"

    "Um, we could, but here, take a fight scene with all your favourite superheroes!"

    "Thanks Russos!"

    Yeah I had fun, and yeah the Russo's craft have improved marginally from their previous outings, but imagine if a real filmmaker had made this. You'd have real emotion. You'd have beautiful fight scenes. You'd have a more even weaving of multiple narratives. You might even have the unthinkable for a…

  • Justice League

    Justice League


    I don't think there's enough stuff going on in this film (beyond the obvious themes - hope, life, family, teamwork etc) to really write much about it, but trust me when I say the Snyder stuff is so good that it outweighs the crappy Whedon stuff. It is somewhat jarring to see the rather flat images from the Whedon reshoots interspersed throughout some otherwise beautiful and more thoughtful images from the original Snyder shoot. But hey, I liked it and it might be the most fun I've had in the cinema all year.

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  • Fulltime Killer

    Fulltime Killer


    Feels very much like Tony Scott's True Romance in that an insincere script is being directed by a very sincere director. Underrated even by Johnnie To enthusiasts likely because of the script, To's form here is both experimental and customarily strong - strong enough to carry the whole film, especially when it comes to depicting relationships between characters and staging action sequences with an unusually dynamic camera and Steven Soderbergh-like editing. And unlike some of To's more popular early works…

  • Soldier



    Everyone keeps getting caught up in how "wasted" Kurt Russell is in this film due to his usual charisma being subdued that no one seems to be bringing up the fact that much of this film excises dialogue in favour of the camera and actors telling the story through close ups and staring. It almost feels like a Takeshi Kitano film at some points.