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  • White God

    White God


    Try explaining to somebody what White God is about and raised eyebrows tend to be the default response. I know this because I’ve tried; but, frankly, it’s the somewhat absurd nature of the plot that drew me to it in the first place. Well, that, and the fact that this was Hungary’s entry for the Oscars. Reason enough to get me into an auditorium on a mild spring evening.

    So here’s that somewhat absurd plot: when young teenager Lili (Zsofia…

  • Foxcatcher



    Foxcatcher is your typical Oscar contender. It’s based on an extraordinary true story. It has a bunch of very accomplished actors, many of whom are performing at the top of their game. It has that central performance which anchors the movie. And, crucially, it’s quite fun to watch. Put it next to the other contenders that have just been announced, and this Bennett Miller film fits in very nicely.

    The story is definitely extraordinary, and hard to believe that it…

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  • Pride and Glory

    Pride and Glory


    The meltdown of a corruption plot within the NYPD is told through the perspective of one family, in director Gavin O’Connor’s severely underrated ‘Pride and Glory’. At the heart of it we have Colin Farrell (the corrupt one) and Edward Norton (the straight one), both on the search for a murderer, but both for entirely different reasons.

    I remember seeing this film at the cinema years ago. I liked it then, but I loved it now. Brilliantly choreographed, really well…

  • Birdman



    Take my advice and go see Birdman. Maybe even watch it a second or a third time. Because, chances are, you’re not going to see a film like this again for a very long time. Sure, there will be other great films, other magnificent films that are essential viewing, but films like this don’t get made very often. So refreshing to see, in this age of cinema where everything is adapted or reimagined or sequelled, a film that is so…