Mothra vs. Godzilla ★★★½

Feels like a logical extension on the original film, as most of the runtime is dominated by the consequences of human mistakes. Nuclear bomb tests have done damage to nature but Mothra’s story is more personal. Her egg has drifted away in a storm and held hostage by humankind. Mothra has been a passive force and is only acting in self defense for her future child. The greed of the humans is the only motive at play, a motive soley held by the few who see profit in the alien egg. These few work for Kumayama, a businessman looking to turn the egg into a tourist attraction. The damage of this profit driven mindset is far more insidious and far reaching than the structures Godzilla destroys. There’s a moment near the end of the film were a character says he fears losing his job just as much as Godzilla. Exploitation of the working class for the sake of a few arbitrarily wealthy people leads to oblivion. The powerful expect the weak to be grateful when they solve the problems they created. But unlike the original film the humans are powerless to Godzilla and the only way to stop them is to ask for nature’s help. There’s no good reason nature should forgive the human race but Mothra is a kinder soul than most.