Frozen II

Absolutely dismal, the laziest written film by Disney in over a decade. You know you’re in trouble when a sequel not only makes references to, but literally replays entire scenes and pieces of dialogue from its predecessor. Most sequels have no reason to exist but struggle to provide one anyway. Buck & Lee do not care to even pretend that this is not a corporate-demanded product. Songs are mostly forgettable and very few actually figure into the plot or characters in a meaningful way. There are no character arcs in this movie, just a series of reveals that ultimately result in a few aesthetic changes at the end of the film. The less said about the extremely problematic white savior plot and the bizarre multi-ethnic “indigenous” tribe, the better. This is a new low for the animation department of the Disney company, which is especially disappointing considering how many of their recent films have offered fascinating storytelling deviations from the standard for-kids formula.

The “Lost in the Woods” musical number keeps this from entering the running for worst Disney movie ever made, but just barely.

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