Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

just a reminder that Biden never promised Medicare 4 All and y’all still voted for him in the primary - Medicare covers cochlear implants but y’all were mad about a few Bernie Bro tweets - how’s that “we can pressure him to change his mind after he’s elected” plan going ANYWAY 

anyone who’s had a earful of earwax knows when something is so subtly off - all you have to do is snap your fingers next to your ear and it’ll ever so slightly muffled. when that would happen, it would bother me to no end.

and yet before I got my glasses (literally last November), I thought not being able to read from 10 feet away was normal. i once put on my friend’s glasses and said, “WOW! ITS LIKE EVERYTHING IS HD” and my friend said, “dude I think you need to get glasses.” many incidents like this happened and I just shrugged it off FOR YEARS... then when I finally got them, I was shocked by how much of the world I missed. i also felt way less depressed and a lot more comfortable in my own skin! 

guess I just didn’t want to admit that my sensory functions were... faulty in any way. appearance is one thing, if you can’t SEE or HEAR then you process the world in an entirely different way... you’re cut off from the majority of society. truly, the glasses changed my life in a way I didn’t think they would. even standard definition looks better.

this is the long way of me saying when you find a health problem no matter how slight, GET MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY don’t wait like Ruben and I - this movie is nightmare fuel for me (what if my eyesight got worse and I didn’t get glasses?!)

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