Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge! ★★

A musical presented like a tik-tok video

I was really looking forward to watching Moulin Rouge, as I got recommended it and have heard many great things, but I did not love the movie, although I certainly understand the cult following and nostalgic love for it.

During the first 30 minutes or so I really loved the film, it was so wacky and unique. The scene in Satine's bedroom was hilarious, and the "Diamonds are a girls best friend" number was great. All of the pop culture references were so jarring and random, and it just added to the ADHD of the film. However, as the film went along, I grew exhausted of the editing choices. The snappy cuts had no motivation, they were there just to look flashy. Doing the most editing possible doesn't mean it is good, and by the end of the film I had a headache from the quick in-your-face imagery.

I want to compare the editing of this film to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, another movie that wants you to notice the editing. Scott Pilgrim also has snappy editing, but it always leads into visual gags, or the pacing of a joke makes it funnier. There are reasons for its style, but I cannot say that about Moulin Rouge, and its style got annoying pretty quickly.

The singing and the CGI did not age well either

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