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  • National Treasure

    National Treasure


    If I wear trifocals, will this turn into Indiana Jones?

  • Lincoln



    Let me just come out with a hot take on a seven-year-old movie: Lincoln is wildly underrated. This movie came and went, and, seemingly, the only lasting contribution was to Daniel Day-Lewis' Best Actor tally.
    Maybe it did, and I missed it because I hadn't seen it. But maybe I missed it because it went so unremarked upon. For whatever reason, my impression of it was that it was another boring biopic.
    Lincoln was clever and gritty, making the 16th…

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  • Honey Boy

    Honey Boy


    There is an alternate reality in which two things are true: 1) The Best Supporting Actor field isn't completely loaded with Pitt, Hanks, Pacino, Pesci and Hopkins; and 2) Shia is more likable in the public consciousness.
    There is such an incredible story behind this movie and this person. It has the heartbreak and the comeback and the redemption and the feel-good story. It should be catnip for the Academy, but it's going completely unremarked upon, and that's a damn shame.
    In this alternate reality, Shia wins an Oscar in two days.

  • Adaptation.



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This was a Russian nesting doll of meta. The Charlie Kaufman story within the Charlie Kaufman story within the Charlie Kaufman story, and so on, felt like the hall of mirrors that gives the illusion of infiniteness.
    I love this Nic Cage, and it bums me out I barely got to experience this version of him. Whenever one actor plays identical twins, it always takes a spoken line or an obvious cosmetic distinction to be able to tell them apart.…