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  • American Wedding

    American Wedding


    Some of the most awkward writing, directing, editing, continuity, sound editing, scene progression, blocking etc. that I have ever witnessed in a big time film. Now, it’s not offensively bad, but it is so exhaustingly clumsy and that I had to pause multiple times and basically shock myself back into consciousness with something more stimulating – like staring at the ground or study.

    It’s just baffling how inept this is, considering the multitude of brains behind its creation and release.…

  • The Crazies

    The Crazies


    Like many people, horror remakes make me wince and squirm (internally...mostly). So, you can imagine my surprise when The Crazies turned out to be a capable chiller that has its own confident style and substance to share. There’s definitely a “rainy day, brain switched off” quality to it, but that's also one of the film's strengths.

    A small town where everyone knows everyone, yet this isn’t delivered through extended sequences of “hey Bill, how are the Wendy and the kids?”…

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  • Enemy



    It's difficult to articulate the skin-crawling, bone-chilling and spine-tingling aura of Denis Villeneuve's Enemy. In the full 90 minutes, we cross and recross the emotional spectrum all the while mesmerised by the films surreal tone and eeriness. Mystifying to all upon first inspection, the film was never intended for lethargic audiences. It was intended for the analytical and inquisitive who constantly and passionately congregate the clues in an attempt to solve the bamboozling riddle. I, myself, may not have unlocked…

  • Noah



    The arresting fashion in which Darren Aronofsky injects profundity into a predominantly superficial genre may be the most impressive accomplishment of the resplendent and epic Noah. Aronofsky, a filmmaker with the incessant purpose to innovate and redefine, puts forth one of his most divergent motion pictures but simultaneously one of his most mainstream with this re-imagining of Noah's ark. A true blockbuster on the surface, the sweeping temperament of Noah is uncommonly matched with intelligence and a bonafide, gravitating narrative…