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  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    Kingsman: The Golden Circle


    Not as wildly refreshing or subversive as its predecessor but still a riot. Visually explosive - with the action maintaining the awe-inspiring expectations that the first one emphatically set. Unsurprisingly though, it suffers from typical sequel symptoms of being more slapdash, less contained etc. and there is an underlying sense of negligence and audience pandering (that the first one felt like it was simply too cool to indulge in). Also, it contains a weird diversion into a morality tale about…

  • Scream 3

    Scream 3


    Watch #1 of Hoop-Tober 4.0

    "What's your favourite scary movie"
    (leans in uncomfortably close) "My life"

    That about sums up the decline in quality.

    Same arcs, same kills, same suspense and so forth. I know that's the point but by this instalment, the satire is predominantly tawdry and cannot justify the reruns. This was the first (and only) Scream film not penned by Kevin Williamson and it's apparent from the languid lampooning to the ear-bleedingly poor dialogue.

    On the subject…

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  • Enemy



    It's difficult to articulate the skin-crawling, bone-chilling and spine-tingling aura of Denis Villeneuve's Enemy. In the full 90 minutes, we cross and recross the emotional spectrum all the while mesmerised by the films surreal tone and eeriness. Mystifying to all upon first inspection, the film was never intended for lethargic audiences. It was intended for the analytical and inquisitive who constantly and passionately congregate the clues in an attempt to solve the bamboozling riddle. I, myself, may not have unlocked…

  • Noah



    The arresting fashion in which Darren Aronofsky injects profundity into a predominantly superficial genre may be the most impressive accomplishment of the resplendent and epic Noah. Aronofsky, a filmmaker with the incessant purpose to innovate and redefine, puts forth one of his most divergent motion pictures but simultaneously one of his most mainstream with this re-imagining of Noah's ark. A true blockbuster on the surface, the sweeping temperament of Noah is uncommonly matched with intelligence and a bonafide, gravitating narrative…