Men in Black: International ★★


“We are the Men in Black. [silence] The Men *&* Women in Black!”

Men In Black: International is a mediocre dull as hell predictable film. Not having the same charm as the other films hurt this movie badly. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are really trying their hardest, their chemistry is fine but could have been a whole lot better especially since they’ve had amazing chemistry in other movies together. This movie doesn’t have much charm to it and it makes it feel very lifeless, only a few moments made me feel that classic MIB magic but for the most part it’s so bland with its humor and action. Not to mention this movie gets so damn predictable my god. Overall Men In Black: International kind of disappointment me I was hoping this could be a fun revival of the franchise but instead I got a mediocre and forgettable film.

P.S. despite what I thought of the movie it was an awesome experience to see a film in IMAX for the very first time and getting to do it with one of my best friends in the whole world.

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