The Intruder ★★½


Your House. His Home.”

The Intruder is everything I expected it to be and my god was this an unintentional riot to watch. This is the ultimate guilty pleasure from first of all my boy Dennis Quaid who owns this movie. His performance is so goddamn goofy that it’s glorious to watch I’m supposed to be against this guy yet I’m cheering every time he appears on screen cause this man is just cartooning up each scene he’s in and it fucking amazing lol. This is so unintentionally hilarious like god it gets so dumb but I’m sitting here dying of laughter cause it’s just so poorly done in the best way possible (if that makes any sense lol). Overall The Intruder is not good but it’s so damn entertaining at the same time this is a movie you need to watch with your buddies and just have a riot with how goofy as hell it is.

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