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  • Bending The Rules

    Bending The Rules



    “You must have a lot of tickets!”

    Bending The Rules is a boring generic cop film. Adam Copeland aka Edge is by far the best thing about this he’s so charming and charismatic is basically carrying a lifeless movie. Jamie Kennedy is mixed most of the time he’s unbearably annoying but when he’s with Edge their chemistry can be entertaining. The story is very bland and really doesn’t try anything new if you’ve seen cop movies like this before…

  • End of Watch

    End of Watch



    Let's go fight crime or something.“

    End Of Watch is a really good intense cop film. I honestly really liked the intense gritty real feel you get with this. Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Peña are truly what make this movie for me their chemistry is fantastic they truly have a strong brotherhood with each other and it feels so genuine in this. This film is pretty intense especially it’s final moments and even emotional. David Ayer’s directing here is…

  • The Lodge

    The Lodge


    “You’re not welcome here”

    The Lodge is terrible. The more this movie went on the more pissed off I got. First off I hate these fucking kids so much legit some of the worst characters I’ve seen in quite some time and not to mention the performance are not good. The film isn’t scary at all like not once did I feel any tension it’s so lazily done. This is so messy like what the fuck is the film…

  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4



    “Who’s Andy?”

    Now this is how you do an epilogue. While we ended off our main story in the last one we get end off the story of this franchise and I feel Pixar’s flagship character, Woody. This really is his movie while yes we do have the rest of gang the main focus of this is very clear. Ending the story of one of cinema’s finest characters is done beautifully this is truly Woody’s finest hour. There is…

  • Toy Story 3

    Toy Story 3



    “You'll be okay in the attic? Of course I will... Besides, I know about Buzz's Spanish Mode. My what?“

    This is how you conclude a story and end things off on the perfect note. By far Pixar’s deepest film, moving on and growing up is a tough thing and I don’t think no other shows it better than this one. The ending to this film is still the most powerful and emotional thing I’ve ever seen in cinema. I’ll never forget…

  • Toy Story 2

    Toy Story 2



    “[gasps] What're we gonna do, Buzz?  Use your head! [the toys use Rex as a battering ram in the next shot] But I don't wanna use my head!“

    This is how you evolve your characters and story from one movie to the next. This is text book sequel material. While the first one had its deep moments the deep ness was taking so much further in this one. This has one of the most depressing sequences ever put to film and honestly…

  • Toy Story

    Toy Story



    “Now Buzz, what could Andy possibly get that is worse than you? [from downstairs] Oh, oh, what is it? What is it? Wow, a puppy! [camera zooms back in] Heh, heh!” 

    It’s just the best movie ever made what else can I say like honestly. It just THE most perfect thing to ever exist. Phenomenal animation, characters, heart, emotion etc. It’s just truly the goat it really is man. You already know the story with me and this film so I won’t…

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    “The force will be with you. Always.”

    My mom wanted me to watch this with her and plus I’ve seen every other Star Wars movie more than once so why should this be any different. Yeah unfortunately this movie still sucks it’s such a mess and makes this story feel so pointless. I feel like when into enough detail in my first review but yeah I wanted to like this a bit more on this rewatch but unfortunately I ended up still feeling the same as I did previous.

  • Running Scared

    Running Scared



    Every bullet leaves a trail”

    Running Scared is a really good thriller. Despite it getting a bit over the top at point this is honestly very intense. Paul Walker gives easily his best performance in this he’s genuinely really good in this. The action and intensity is great I was honestly on the edge of my seat for a lot of it. Wayne Kramer’s directing is really good, I love the atmosphere he gives here the editing and style…

  • Can't Hardly Wait

    Can't Hardly Wait



    “Fate! There is such a thing as fate, but it only takes you so far. Then it's up to you to make it happen.”

    Can’t Hardly Wait is a really fun 90s teen comedy. While yeah it can be pretty typical it’s characters and story really drove it for me. The cast from Ethan Embry, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lauren Ambrose and Seth Green are all great. The comedy is pretty solid for the most part there’s parts had me…

  • Onward




    “There's no top half! I definitely remember Dad having a top half!”

    Onward is alright. It has it’s cute moments but honestly I feel like I’m not gonna remember this. The animation is pretty nice and the voice acting is good but honestly the story just didn’t do much for me. It’s just felt extremely basic and one noted for me to really get into. I honestly didn’t really even feel that emotional attached to it as I really…

  • Playdate with Destiny

    Playdate with Destiny




    Playdate With Destiny is a cute short film. I don’t really have too much to say about it but it’s adorable and got a few laughs out of me especially something towards the end. If you have Disney+ I’d recommend checking it out it’s a nice little short film.