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  • Operation Avalanche

    Operation Avalanche


    This began as a "why is this on Shudder?" viewing and stayed that way during a significant portion of the film. At some point, though, I realized how anxious it made me and how, well, unsettling so much of it was. Despite wanting to grab Matt Johnson and shake him within an inch of his overly-smiley, overly-earnest life--his character, I mean--I also found myself oddly invested in the story. [Does anyone with the CIA or FBI trust anyone with the…

  • The Dark Tapes

    The Dark Tapes


    The framing story of this horror anthology, "To Catch a Demon," is an interesting/fun nod to Crawford Tillinghast's Resonater, I think. Maybe...minus the pineal gland. "The Hunters/Hunted" is an example of 'twist' horror that you can really only watch once, although I honestly didn't expect it, which was somewhat refreshing. I was ready to throw a shoe at the screen during "Cam Girls" (ugh. stop). "Amanda's Revenge" was fun and made me want to revisit some stuff on places like…

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  • Lake Mungo

    Lake Mungo


    I rewatched this film this morning after spotting it on the 'featured' page on Shudder. I had a relatively fond recollection of it, but I couldn't remember details. For some reason, like many folks, I think that I mentally placed it under that general umbrella of 'found footage'/'immersive horror' and filed it away as part of a general mainstream trend at the time; however, it's not that at all. "Mockumentary" doesn't really set well with me either, since there's a…

  • Southbound



    Anthology films are, generally, a mixed bag; most Horror fans know that going in. Even V/H/S, the film that many seem to reference when discussing a recent resurgence in the style, was fairly uneven. Although critics usually blame specific directors/writers for disrupted flow, the framing story is key, in my view. If an anthology can somehow shift from story to story and still make perfect sense within that frame, I find I enjoy it much more than the jostled, "shifting"…