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  • The Devil's Doorway

    The Devil's Doorway


    Another immersive horror film dedicated to possession/exorcism, but this time they were a bit truer to the 'found footage' concept, I suppose. There's little new or dynamic here with regards to the storyline, although I suspect some might find the context enough to draw interest: its nod to the lost children of Tuam/mass grave find was what made me watch it. I went with three stars instead of two based upon the acting and fairly attractive visual appeal; they did…

  • Suburban Gothic

    Suburban Gothic


    I really tried but couldn't make it past the 'dancing scene' at around the 17 minute mark, so keep that in mind when considering the two stars. Gubler is entertaining in small doses; however, most of the 'weirdness' that is supposed to make this film more interesting (endearing?) is woefully heavy-handed. His wide-eyed form of strange really tests my patience without any straight-guy foils to anchor him down a bit. What I saw of the movie felt like a poor…

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  • Lake Mungo

    Lake Mungo


    I rewatched this film this morning after spotting it on the 'featured' page on Shudder. I had a relatively fond recollection of it, but I couldn't remember details. For some reason, like many folks, I think that I mentally placed it under that general umbrella of 'found footage'/'immersive horror' and filed it away as part of a general mainstream trend at the time; however, it's not that at all. "Mockumentary" doesn't really set well with me either, since there's a…

  • Winchester



    "Winchester" had a budget of $3.5 million and made almost $39 million at the box office. There are low-budget films in my 'viewed' list that are ten times more interesting. Heck, I've watched episodes of "Supernatural" that were better written. It's a particular point of irritation to me when movies that are based on stories with so much available background info, that are beautifully shot, and that are populated with excellent actors are so terrible due to lack of creativity…