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  • The Your Name Here Story

    The Your Name Here Story


    So, you are an advertising company. You make a lot of "Industrial Films". You notice literally ALL of them are the same. With all that awesome stock footage, don't you ever get the bright idea that you should just cut down the paperwork and scripting and filming and editing and produce ONE commercial that covers EVERY PRODUCT EVER MADE?

    And mind you, this thing was made in 1960, and I can tell you that as far as commercials go, there's…

  • Pekka ja PΓ€tkΓ€ neekereinΓ€

    Pekka ja PΓ€tkΓ€ neekereinΓ€


    Not the best Pekka ja PΓ€tkΓ€ movie. Also vaguely racist, though I'd personally think this is far more of a satire of xenophilia rather than being an outright malicious work against black people - and as some people have pointed out, it's a film of its time, so it should be judged as such. The non-racist scenes are actually still pretty good by P&P standards, so meh.

    However, due to subsequent satire, this is an IMPORTANT MOVIE for properly testing…

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  • Assassin's Creed: Embers

    Assassin's Creed: Embers


    In the "video game films I bought long ago but I didn't watch because I didn't play the previous games" series of films.

    A fairly competently made short film, meant to wrap up the Assassin's Creed II / Brotherhood / Revolutions sub-trilogy by telling us what the heck ultimately happened to Ezio Auditore.

    I'd first say it's a little bit okay-meh - a bit of ponderings and an action scene and a bit of ponderings. But I guess I can…

  • The Purge

    The Purge


    So the premise is "what if laws were not in effect for one night - who's going to murder who?"
    ...the implementation is "some guys menace a rich guy and are going to break in and kill the whole family. For reasons."

    As a paint-by-numbers low-budget horror/dystopian scifi film, it's an okay job - nothing stellar, but sufficiently creepy for one watchthrough.

    On a higher level, however, it's just a giant, giant pile of wasted potential. If you have an…