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  • Ukkonen



    I was like, "why the hell did I have a 4.5 stars rating on this thing when I imported this thing from IMBD?"

    ...short answer is, this is perhaps one of the greatest underground movies around the turn of the millennium. I originally found out about this movie through MoonTV interviews of the director Jalmari Helander, and at the time, the guy clearly was destined to make great films in the future. (Oh yeah. Rare Exports and Big Game turned…

  • American Made

    American Made


    (Seen at Cinema '17 festival, Joensuu, Finland)
    Why is it that I'm always sceptical when I see Tom Cruise in a lead role? At this point, I should be expecting him to get cast as the delightfully crazy guy. And in this film, he totally got to play a delightfully crazy guy. In a historical movie. Wow.

    The most non-spoilerific thing I can say about the plot is "what exactly happens when you start working for the CIA in a region they have no clue about and distribute drugs on the side"? Well, this. And more.

    Actually ended up being really watchable. Liked it a lot.

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  • Death Note

    Death Note


    The reason I don't like many book-to-film adaptations is that they often give you a weird feeling that someone's sitting on the fast-forward button. Adapting a typical novel means that you have to leave *something* out.

    Well, take a guess if I was sceptical about the task the makers of this film were faced with: crunch 37 episodes of anime into a feature-length film. Uh...
    ...oh yeah, and it involves plot alternations and adaptation to American setting.
    ...recipe for quality.…

  • Westworld



    Baaaasically decided to watch this film due to the new TV series.

    My topmost thought was just "wow, they made this kind of a movie in *1973?*" You can easily see the influence of this film, from Michael Crichton's later work like Jurassic Park to movies from other folks that came long after, like The Terminator.

    I was very pleased with the primary concept and its execution. Perhaps the only problem is perhaps the lack of refinement in sets -…