Eternals ★★½

Overall it was fine. Regarding the state of Marvel, Eternals is one of the few movies that caught my interest, as I'm not very familiar with the source material. Plus, with someone like Chloé Zhao at the helm, in my mind Eternals had a lot of potential.

Although I didn't dislike it, the more I think about it, it misses its mark. Eternals kind of falls into this place where a Marvel movie tries to be different, but not different enough and still gets plagued with Marvel tropes.

It is the MCU so the humour is obviously not great. But the thing that stood out to me the most was how clunky some of the plot points were. Throughout the entire movie, characters would make sudden decisions, a scene would jarringly change tones, and different characters would tap in-and-out of relevancy for no 'legitimate' reason.

I literally slept through the second act and I don't think I missed anything important at all. I love movies that are steadily paced, but Eternals does not earn its length. I think I'd be a little bored on re-watch, so I'll probably just stick to this viewing.

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