Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★★½

Solo: A Star Wars Story was just fine. And thats all it really was. I wouldn't describe it as terribly awful or absolutely amazing... It just sort of falls somewhere in between. It was an enjoyable movie from start to finish and I can't complain.

Once you get past the fact that its just not Harrison Ford playing Han Solo you're going to be fine. I didn't mind Alden Ehrenreich as Han as much as I thought I was going to hate it. He was witty enough to be Han and he played the part again, just fine.

Emilia Clarke was great, as she always is and so was Donald Glover as Lando but he was way under used. He should've been in the movie way more than he was. I enjoyed a lot of the little Star Wars nods the movie had to offer but the best part about about this film was it was simply just an exciting heist movie with a little nostalgia thrown in here and there.

The main complaint I have was there was no Jabba the Hut or Greedo. HOW CAN YOU HAVE A HAN SOLO MOVIE WITH NO JABBA OR GREEDO? I hope there are future installments literally only for that reason. I'm not going to give anything away but the cameo that WAS in the movie was jaw dropping.

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