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This review may contain spoilers.

The length of this film was absolutely dreadful. While I was watching this, I went to see how much of this I had left to watch thinking it was close to being over. Only to find out that I’ve only watched a half hour worth of this. I feel like if they just chopped a half hour from this it would be a lot better. The first act is probably the best act in this. That may or may not be a popular opinion, but it’s honestly the only act in these two hours that honestly kept me interested. At first when I read the plot, I was intrigued to give this a watch. But I didn’t leave with this film with the same feeling. I’m noticing that with the Bond films, the first act usually is the best. At least that’s what I’m getting from the first four films. And being four films in, I’m starting to get a feeling for how these films are going to be like in the future installments. I’m not upset about that realization, I’m just hopeful that they just keep upping the antics with every Bond film. I’m really beginning to appreciate Terence Young as a director. I’ve never seen any of his work (up until I started watching the Bond films), but I’m becoming a fan.

One of the things that confuse me the most about these early Bond films, is the dude in the chair with the cat. I’m not sure if his name was uttered before in a Bond film or not, but I always see him and what not, and just am clueless as to who he is. I understand who he is as in what he does in the film, but I’m just not sure what his title is. Like, I know he’s agent 1, but he almost carries his duties like he’s the boss of all the other agents. I wasn’t expecting him to execute that one agent in the chair the way that he did, but maybe he shouldn’t have fucked up. The moment that guy pulled the lever of the stretching machine while Bond was in the machine, was the exact moment where I asked myself, “Am I watching a Bond film, or am I watching some type of sadistic porno?” I have to say, I did enjoy how he got revenge on the dude. Anyways, the second act actually wasn’t that bad either. It honestly had a lot of redeeming qualities. For me it was the third act that just finished me off. This film shines light on that group of people that say these films get boring after a while. I’m only four films in, and it’s almost like each of the first four films recycle a lot of scenes. Not exactly the same shot, but essentially the same idea for a scene. I don’t mind that at all, some might, but I surprisingly don’t mind it.

This film actually had me lost through the entire last hour. Like you know when you understand what your eyes are seeing, but at the same time you don’t? That was literally me through the duration of this film, at least for the last part of this. I wonder if there’s a Bond film that doesn’t end with him making out with a Bond girl. A part of me actually likes that aspect now that I think about it. If that’s how all these films were to end, they could do whatever they wanted to end up at the point. Like if I were to rewatch the first four films, it’d almost be like I knew the outcome, but I wouldn’t know how they got to that point. Obviously I do because I've seen the first four, but yeah. I know I was harsh on Goldfinger, as a villain of course. But if I’m being completely honest I’d rather Goldfinger be Bond’s villain instead of Emilio Largo. Honesntly, after thinking about the villains up to this point, Goldfinger was Bond’s best villain since Dr. No. I can’t believe that I’m actually saying that but I guess I misjudged Goldfinger. About how Goldfinger is a villain, not the actor that portrayed him. I feel like they should’ve recasted the role of Goldfinger as someone else, but I digress. Emilio Largo wasn’t terrible, but he could have been better. When this film revealed him, I was all for how his character arc would look by the end of this. Half way through his character arc (like I said before), I just lost interest. Goldfinger gave me problems, but at least I stuck with Goldfinger to the end. Again I’m referring to the character, not the actual film. I obviously finish every film I review. I do believe I have logged and reviewed two films on here that I didn’t finish. But besides those two, I finished every film I wrote reviews for.

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