• Old



    It has that problem where it feels like each line is being said devoid of all context and completely separated from the next.   So poorly put together but should have been an easy 3.5-4 stars.

  • Mission: Impossible II

    Mission: Impossible II


    This is camp!

    Dueling motorcycle wheelies- CAMP!
    Hyper-masculine sexual tension- CAMP!
    Bazooka mission delivery- CAMP!
    Tom Cruise constantly throwing away weapons so he can wrestle with the bad guy- CAMP!

  • Halloween Kills

    Halloween Kills


    It’s just as stupid as it should be but also better than I was afraid it would be. They should all just lockdown like in the Purge movies and not come out until he’s done for the night. 

    I forgot that this was a set of sequels that ignores some of the franchise because I can’t believe they wouldn’t have torn down the house by now and thought that was a plot point of Resurrections.

  • Stigmata



    The set design and overall art direction in this are such strong time capsules. 

    The misdirections seemed a little more exciting than the final resolution, but overall it’s decent.

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    It was so much worse than I thought it would be. I didn’t have any fun.

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    What a great way to reboot. Perfect choice to jump right into year 3 as we’ve had so many explanations and pearls scattering across pavement to last a lifetime.  

    The ending big climax was a little tacked on to an already finished movie, but I’ll allow it because the character beat is important and the very end wraps up nicely with that pivot.

  • Dirty Pretty Things

    Dirty Pretty Things


    Okwe is a doctor, so this doesn’t apply to him, but the other characters don’t always come across as authentic because the cast all feels too distinguished. I don’t buy them as the working class people they’re playing. 

    The plot and pacing work, but I will decline to comment on the balance between illumination and exploitation of these issues.

  • Death on the Nile

    Death on the Nile


    It’s just so campy. 

    I know I’m giving a lot of leeway to the fact that I read the novel in high school, but I really enjoyed this CGI-fest. The minor blink-and-you’ll-miss-them clues from the book are underlined and bolded, and the execution differences make the culprit both more obvious and less plausible, but it’s still a nice murder-mystery with an ensamble cast and I will support that.

  • Resident Evil: Apocalypse

    Resident Evil: Apocalypse

    It’s so bad. The first movie tried so hard to be a real movie and not just a live-action video game, and every chance it could this sequel plays up the video game roots. 

    The line delivery is really weak in a lot of places and some of the ways things are written are so funny. At one point a character has his user access revoked, so he uses “hack search” to discover his new password.

  • Eternals



    It took me a few weeks to finish and I forgot to log it because it didn’t stick with me at all. Should have cut an hour and half the cast.

  • Resident Evil

    Resident Evil


    As much as the Marilyn Manson co-written score wants us to think every moment is exciting… it’s not. Still, there’s enough happening that this is a decent start to the franchise. Mila Jovovich is somehow underutilized in this outing, I guess to make a more balanced story that’s not worth worrying about anyway.

  • Escape Room: Tournament of Champions

    Escape Room: Tournament of Champions


    The version streaming that I saw is apparently the original theatrical version, so imagine my surprise when I read this cast list and there were different people and characters. 

    It’s frustrating when the characters don’t have a chance. I can forgive these elaborate death traps, but they should be fair.