The Sun Is Also a Star ★★

90% of this film is awkward and cringey teen interactions, and the rest is cute and existential. it’s definitely an acquired taste. personally, i think it was alright but definitely not catered for me. it made me want to reread the book though, which is a good thing!! (the book is still better OBVI.) 

things i really liked:
- the way some of the shots were put together, specifically explaining their culture and upbrining
- new york!!!!! made me feel so nostalgic 😩
- the ending (not the epilogue), and i mean the way it was put together — not plotwise because i knew the ending already. this ending made up for allll the cringey moments. was originally going to rate like 1.5 but THE ENDING
- they use korean!! p frequently!!!!
- kinda hilarious. idk if it's like, so bad it's funny or if it's ACTUALLY funny. it's like the weird awkward in-between sort of humor

things i wasn’t a fan of:
- personal preference, but the flirting and smoldering is so much that it becomes trashy hilarious. really couldn’t take them seriously. i feel like it’s intentionally “”bad”” but it’s SO BAD
- daniel’s casting because he didn’t look korean??? at one point, natasha says he’s the best looking in his family but the rest of his family actually look korean so idk
- some of the camera shots were pretty shakey and dizzying, but i understand why they chose to shoot it the way they did
- family situation was not resolved!! i need some more info or closure !!!!