Pig ★★★½

A very good movie and Cage is predictably great, but I found myself also very drawn to Alex Wolff’s performance. It strikes a great balance in portraying the fragile ego of a business kid living in his father’s shadow, never too showy or sappy. The whole film really seems like a balance act—between absurd and dour, real and surreal, hope and despair—and for the most part it works beautifully. It occasionally dips into the more absurd territory without fully expanding into what I thought it could be. 

A couple other notes:

Cage is a great physical actor and this film uses his physicality in a great way, even when slouched in the chair of Eurydice he somehow becomes a strange sentinel figure.

I wish to god that sometimes movies like this were just shot differently. I found the camera to be remarkably unprovocative and predictable, aside from a few scenes. It was hard to fully appreciate a lot of the things about this movie when it really looked a lot like every indie movie from the past 10 years.

Very cute pig.

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