Layla Majnun

Layla Majnun ★★

Layla Majnun is a gateway to process how life is indeed an ugly truth. This movie proves that life always requires sacrifices, no matter how bad. The protagonists, Layla and Samir, has once again reminded that if only things go their way, the everyday life we live in is never that much of an agony. It's amazing how this story showed such complexity within minimum time span and characters. It's so relatable we got bunch to explode. It speaks a lot about love, childhood memories, literature, family, friendship. Sadly, they're issues we've seen today. Despite of the fact that there have been instances where the plots are needed to be elaborated, the director don't fail to capture lines, gestures or any technical routines best to make the story one whole of magnificent idea. Not to mention about the actors, though, their acting made the movie end up brilliant!

(tragically wild/5)

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