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  • The Rugrats Movie

    The Rugrats Movie


    It definitely hit all the nostalgia feels. I remember seeing this in the cinema when I was younger... I don't think I've watched it since then, but I rembered every part of it.

  • Triggered



    Battle Royale meets Hunger Games in a battle for survival.

    Pretty decent popcorn movie with questionable dialogue and dodgy cgi. Definitely a turn your brain off and enjoy!

    Only thing I thought was pretty weird was the guy with the axe making out he was Jack Torrance... Even trying to impersonate his voice.

    If you could a spare hour and a bit and want a decent enough film that's pretty non stop from start to finish then check this one out.

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  • Follow Me

    Follow Me


    'Escape Room, Saw and Hostel... rolled into one?'

    Pretty much what a lot of reviews have already said, if you've seen Saw and Hostel... Then you've seen better versions of this film already.

    But I don't want to shit on this film too much considering the amount of modern films that are being released direct to dvd or vod releases, this is actually one of the better films I've seen these past few months.

  • Tar


    From the synopsis and concept, this film should've been great... But this film was pure heavy duty cow shit.

    Everything from the cast, acting, dialogue, and ropey cgi made this film one of the worst films I've seen this year so far. If you thought 2020 couldn't get any worse, it will after you've watched this film.


    The only positives I can say about this film are Tiffany Shepis, she seemed to carry the rest of the cast throughout…